What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is a way of eating where you make sure as much as possible of what your eating is a "clean" food. This means that it is of natural origin and isn't processed or containing any unnatural additives or preservatives. This ensures that your body is as healthy as it can possibly be in terms of nutrition. Foods such as fresh meat and fish, fresh vegetables, dairy, grains and pulses are all examples of clean foods. Foods such as sweets, pre-prepared shop bought meals, potato chips and packet sauces are all examples of foods which usually should be avoided by clean eaters. It's up to the individual how clean they want to eat but most people following this diet aim for 80% clean foods and save 20% for when you want a treat or can't avoid processed foods. "Nobody is perfect and you shouldn't strive to be, you're only human."


Hey there! My names Ashlee, I'm a single mum living in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I've created this website to document my journey to health and hopefully give others the inspiration and tools to start a healthy, hearty, wholesome journey of their own.

I, like many others, had spent most of my life "yo-yo dieting" losing several pounds, and then putting it back on whenever I stopped counting calories. At one point, I even lost 6 whole stone before giving in and putting 8 stone back on, the fuel behind this calorie dense fire was a condition called Binge Eating Disorder which I was diagnosed with in 2019. Then I found out about clean eating and my life was changed forever. I stopped eating what I thought I wanted to eat and started looking at what nutrients I needed to fuel my body and was able to take control of my eating habits for the first time in years, a concept which I had previously dismissed as impossible. I'll keep adding my recipes and food info and hopefully help other people out along the way.

Much love, Ashlee X

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