Courgette parcels stuffed with red kidney beans, sweet potato and feta.


Sugar free

Nut Free

Low calorie




This is a recipe I am particularly proud of, it feels like a real treat but it's so healthy. Not only do these make a fulfilling main but they also make great party food due to their small, compact design, just make sure to serve them warm either way. Initially i intended this recipe to serve 2 but these are just so good it's hard to share them, so no shame if you eat all four yourself! I served mine with steamed broccoli but they would work really well with rice too.


Firstly, pre bake a small sweet potato, mine weighed around 120g fresh with skins. Here in England the sweet potatoes we get are tiny, if you live somewhere where you can get decent sized sweet potatoes you may want to cut it before baking to save waste. If you have lots of spare sweet potato, why not put it towards my gorgeous sweet potato soup?


As terrific as the filling for these parcels is, the real star of the show is courgette. Either use a potato peeler or a mandolin to thinly slice a courgette lengthways. A mandolin is preferable but a wide vegetable peeler will work too, a sharp knife will not. I experimented with using a knife to thinly slice but it just wasn't possible, you need your courgette to be thin enough to easily bend and this isn't achievable with a knife. You will need 8 full slices in total for this recipe.


Lay two slices of courgette out across each other (+ or x) and place ¼ of your mixture in the middle. Tightly fold over the ends of your courgette working in a clockwise motion to wrap up your parcel. If you're worried about your parcel coming undone you can secure it in place with a cocktail stick like I have although it wasn't really necessary.

Pop your parcels onto a baking tray and bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes or until crispy on top. Serve with rice or steamed veg. 



276 calories for 2 parcels

♥ 1 courgette

♥ 100g sweet potato

♥ 100g red kidney beans

♥ 50g feta

♥ 2 tablespoons tomato puree

♥ 1 tablespoon BBQ seasoning




  1. Heat oven to 180C and bake a small sweet potato for 30 minutes, leave oven on for later.

  2. Meanwhile, use a mandolin or peeler to shave 8 slices of courgette. Do not use a knife as it will not be thin enough.

  3. Scoop sweet potato into a bowl with red kidney beans, feta, tomato puree and my BBQ seasoning and mash together to desired consistency, i like to leave some kidney beans whole.

  4. Lay one courgette slice over another in the shape of a cross (+ or x) and place ¼ of the mixture in the centre. 

  5. Fold each piece of courgette over the top of the mixture and secure with a cocktail stick if necessary. Repeat to make 4 parcels.

  6.  Bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes or until the top of the courgette is crispy.

Once your sweet potato is cooked, scoop out the insides into a bowl. To this add 50g feta, 100g red kidney beans, 2tbsp tomato puree and 1tbsp of my BBQ seasoning which you can learn how to make HERE. Smash everything together in a bowl, I like to mash until about ⅔ of my beans are completely mashed, leaving the rest almost whole to add a bit of texture.