Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl Recipe

sweet potato buddha bowl

What is a sweet potato buddha bowl?

A Buddha bowl, also known as a grain bowl or a macro bowl, is a balanced and wholesome meal served in a bowl, featuring a colourful medley of grains, proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, and dressings or sauces. These vibrant bowls have gained popularity among health-conscious individuals seeking a nourishing and visually appealing feast that satisfies both the palate and the soul. Today, we present a delicious sweet potato Buddha bowl recipe that combines the earthy sweetness of sweet potatoes, the smoky flavours of roasted peppers and red onions, the richness of black beans, the freshness of spinach, the creaminess of hummus, and the crunch of almonds. Get ready to indulge in a harmonious blend of flavours, textures, and nutrients with this delightful Buddha bowl recipe.

Do you have a diet restriction?

This sweet potato buddha bowl is:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Low fat

The ingredients:

Each ingredient in this sweet potato Buddha bowl recipe has been thoughtfully selected to provide a diverse array of nutrients and flavors. Let’s explore their benefits:

  • Sweet Potatoes: Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, sweet potatoes provide a natural sweetness and a satisfying texture that complements other ingredients perfectly.
  • Roasted Peppers and Red Onions: Roasting these vegetables enhances their natural sweetness and imparts a smoky depth to the bowl. They are packed with antioxidants and add a burst of color.
  • Black Beans: An excellent plant-based protein source, black beans are high in fiber, iron, and folate. They provide a hearty and filling component to the Buddha bowl.
  • Fresh Spinach: Adding a dose of green goodness, fresh spinach is rich in iron, vitamins A and C, and antioxidants. It adds a fresh and vibrant element to the bowl.
  • Hummus: A creamy and tangy plant-based protein source, hummus brings a delightful creaminess to the bowl. It also provides healthy fats and essential amino acids.
  • Almonds: These crunchy nuts are a great source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber. They add texture and a nutty flavor while providing a satisfying crunch.

Step 1: Roast the sweet potatoes and vegetables

Preheat the oven to 425°F (220°C). Peel and dice the sweet potatoes, then toss them with a little salt. Spread the sweet potatoes on a baking tray and roast for 20-25 minutes or until tender and golden. In the meantime, chop the onions and peppers into large chunks, and add them to the baking tray for 15-20 minutes or until charred and tender.

sweet potato buddha bowl

Step 2: Prepare the beans

Rinse and drain the black beans. Warm them in a small saucepan over medium heat, seasoning with a little paprika. Stir occasionally until heated through.

Step 3: Build your buddha bowl

You can arrange your buddha bowl in whatever fashion you like, i went for separate piles of all of my individual ingredients, first a generous portion of roasted sweet potatoes, red peppers and onion, a handful of spinach leaves topped with the almonds and a large spoonful of hummus, I chose a red pepper hummus but there are a wide variety to choose from.

sweet potato buddha bowl


Customize your Buddha bowl based on personal preferences and ingredient availability. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Grain Base: Include cooked quinoa, brown rice, or couscous as the foundation for your bowl.
  • Protein Options: Swap the black beans for chickpeas, grilled tofu, or roasted chicken.
  • Veggie Varieties: Experiment with different roasted vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, or cherry tomatoes.
  • Sauce Selections: Try different dressings or sauces, such as tahini, peanut sauce, or balsamic glaze.

Can I meal prep buddha bowls?

Absolutely! You can pre-roast the vegetables, cook the grains, and prepare the beans ahead of time. Store each component separately in airtight containers, and assemble the bowl when you’re ready to enjoy it.

Can I omit or substitute any ingredients?

Certainly! Feel free to adjust the recipe according to your preferences and dietary needs. Substitute ingredients or remove them altogether based on your taste and dietary restrictions.

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sweet potato buddha bowl

Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl Recipe

Savor the vibrant flavors of a Buddha bowl with roasted sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, black beans, spinach, creamy hummus, and crunchy almonds.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Course Dinner, Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine American, Asian, British, Mexican
Servings 1
Calories 455 kcal


  • 1 extra small sweet potato
  • red pepper
  • red onion
  • ½ cup black beans
  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • ¼ cup hummus
  • 10 almonds
  • tsp salt
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • ¼ tsp cayenne pepper


  • Preheat oven to 200°c.
  • Cut sweet potato, onion and pepper into chunks. Mix together spices reserving a large pinch of paprika for the black beans, coat the vegetables in the spices.
  • Place sweet potato and red pepper on a baking/roasting tray and roast for 15 minutes.
  • Add the onion to the tray and continue roasting for 30 minutes.
  • Add some paprika to the black beans and warm in a saucepan or in the microwave.
  • Begin building your bowl by adding the spinach leaves, almonds and hummus. Add vegetables and beans once cooked.

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