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I only discovered tzatziki a few years ago when I visited Corfu. The people of Corfu are very proud of their Greek heritage and like to educate tourists on greek culture as much as possible. Food is a big part of greek life and we were spoiled for choice both in the hotel and the local village. Tzatziki was a dish that i had never had before but in Corfu, it was served with EVERYTHING, why? Well, because it goes with everything, and so my tzatziki love affair began. When i arrived back in the UK one of the first things i did was head off to the supermarket in search of tzatziki, which another holiday maker had assured me would be in every supermarket, they were not wrong.  But as i dipped my peppers into the white creamy dip i quickly realised this was not going to be good Tzatziki. The yogurt was thin, the cucumber was mushy and the herbs were non existant. It was edible but it was a let down. So ever since ive been making my own whenever possible. 
I think my most important tip for Tzatziki is to use fresh ingredients, fresh yogurt, fresh crunchy cucumber but especially fresh herbs. Fresh herbs are much more fragrant than dried herbs and their flavours will flow beautifully throughout the yogurt. Traditionally, tzatziki would be made with full fat greek yogurt however for this recipe I swap to fat free to keep the recipe diet friendly. You can also sub Greek yogurt for natural  or even home made yogurt if you would like a cleaner eating experience. My last Tzatziki tip is to store it in the yogurt pot. Most UK brands do 500g pots of yogurt which equates to 2 cups. You can either double this recipe to use the entire pot of yogurt or you can set half aside and try out one of my skinny muffin recipes, they are to die for!


Past this, this recipe barely even needs instructions because its so quick and simple. Measure out your yogurt and put either in a bowl or in the yogurt pot and chop up your dill and mint leaves to a really fine consistency, you don't want to be finding any big chunks of leaves or dill stalks, I would also recommend mincing or pureeing your garlic rather than chopping it. Dice the cucumber into chunks around 3mm, chunk size is largely down to preference however I have found this size is small enough to work in a dip but big enough to not turn to mush after a few hours of sitting in yogurt. Mix all your ingredients together and that's your dip made, it really is that simple. Your dip will last as long as your yogurt does, this is one of the reasons I find keeping it in the yogurt container really helpful as that will have a use by date.



40kcals per 1/6 of batch

♥ 1 cup of fat free Greek or Natural yogurt

♥ 1/2 cup diced cucumber

♥ 3 teaspoons fresh dill

♥ 3 teaspoons fresh mint

♥  2 cloves garlic


 1. Chop herbs and cucumber and chop or mince garlic.

 2, Mix all ingredients together.

 3. Store back in the yogurt pot for convenience.