8 recipes you need to try this Autumn

Whether you like to keep your healthy meals seasonal or you want to impress your guests with some Autumn or Fall themed recipes. Here you will find 8 different recipe options that will warm your heart and soul as the weather around us gets colder. Let me know in the comments what you love most about Autumn, for me its the vibrant shades of orange and yellow on the trees and of course, Halloween is a holiday filled with fun for all ages!

1. Sweet potato soup

Autumn recipes

First on my list of Autumn recipes is sweet potato soup is one of my favourite types of soup(although it’s getting plenty of close runner ups). Thick and creamy with a big kick of ginger for that warming effect. Its perfect for those colder autumn days that leave you feeling the need for something warm. This recipe is so quick and simple its perfect for any week day evenings after work, you could also batch make it and freeze for convenience. Only 315kcal per serving.

2. Carrot fries

carrot fries

I’ve chosen to include carrot fries into my Autumn recipes list because the colour is just so fitting, when I think of orange I think of all the autumnal leaves floating down from the branches of trees and of course, these carrots are orange! Carrots can however come in many colours, why not try and find some purple carrots to go for a very Halloween themed side dish. Note this recipe also contains potato fries so sub them for more carrot. Only 41 calories per 100g.

3. Apple Crumble

I’ve always said that warm desserts are made for the colder months and when autumn starts approaching, apple pies and crumbles are the desserts i crave the most. Not only is this a healthier alternative to traditional crumble but it’s so easy to make with only 4 ingredients. This recipe is only 270 calories per serving, wow!

4. Squash Tray Bake

Nothing says autumn like a recipe with Squash! Although many people think of pumpkins first for autumn vegetables the butternut squash is closely related and just as orange inside! This vegan tray bake recipe is a healthy alternative to meat dishes whilst being every bit as filling. As there are no specific portions for this dish it is hard to give accurate calorie information. However, as a guide, half a butternut squash contains around 250 calories and ½ a can of chickpeas contains around 150 calories.

5. Courgette Lasagne

Another vegetable that I associate with Autumn is courgette and another one would be mushrooms, although both widely available all year round. This vegetarian gluten free courgette lasagne recipe has both! It’s creamy, cheesy AND meaty without the huge blow to your calorie deficit like traditional lasagne recipes. This lasagne recipe contains just 300 calories for the entire dish!

6. Hash Brown Bake

If you’re feeling blue about the change in weather then maybe you need some comfort food to make up for the lack of sun over the next few months. If that’s you then check out this hash brown bake because nothing says comfort food like a potato based recipe! You don’t need to feel guilty for the carbs either because this hash brown bake recipe contains 4 other vegetables and there’s always the option to customise it with even more veg if you want.

7. Broccoli Cheese

Like with the hash brown bake recipe above, another great comfort food for me is cheese, well I say comfort food but honestly I could eat cheese for all 3 meals, 365 days a year. It’s true, I’m a self confessed cheese addict, if only it wasn’t so calorific! Thankfully, I’ve found some pretty good low fat cheeses. Making this healthier alternative to macaroni cheese, made with broccoli just 300kcal per serving.

8. Fire Cider

Autumn recipes

Next on my list is a recipe with a little twist. Fire cider is not a food, nor is it even a drink but a medicinal tonic. As I have mentioned before I’m very interested in herbalism and kitchen witchery and if you have no idea what that means then this would be the perfect introduction into the powers of herbs. Fire cider is a medicinal tonic typically made towards the end of summer and start of autumn, to ward off colds, flu’s and other winter illnesses. I do not have my own fire cider recipe but I can recommend this one by Plentiful Earth. She goes into plenty of detail about the benefits of every ingredient and if you love this recipe she has many many other recipes to infuse a little bit of magic into your life. She also sells many of the ingredients in her online shop.

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